About Municipal

SERAMPORE is a city and a municipality in Hooghly district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority. It is a pre-colonial town on the west bank of the Hooghly River. It was part of Danish India under the name Frederiksnagore from 1755 to 1845. Since 2005 the Municipality Chairman is Amiya Mukherjee.

Serampore Municipality at a Glance

  • Area - 17.5 SqKms
  • Population - 1 lakh 97 thousands 955 According to 2001 Cencus
  • Slum Population - 65,781
  • Population lying below poverty line - 55,156
  • Total Holding Number under Municipal - 21,913
  • Name of the Party which formed the board - date here
  • Total No. of Ward Committees formed - Congress
  • Total No. of Ward - 25
  • Total No. of S.C. Councillors - 25
  • Total No. of members in Chairman-in-Council - 9
  • No. of Women members - 2
  • Total No. of slum pockets - 3
  • Total No. of Community Development Society formed - 1
  • Total No. of NHCs formed - 341
  • Total No. of C.O.- 2
  • Total No. of T.P.O.- 1

Information on the functionsof Water Supply (1999-2000)

Sources of Water

Water Treatment Plant 1 No

450000 Gallon (Capacity)

375000 Gallon (Present Quantity)

DTW - 19 Nos

3562500 Gallon (Capacity)

2700000 Gallon (Present Quantity)

No. of connections

Industrial & Commercial


Stand Post (H / Tube)


Street hydrants


Street hydrants


Distribution Net Work

No. of Reservoirs


Length of distribution Network

216 K.M

Treatment Plants

No. of treatment plants


This Municipality could implement the following services

In Year 1995

Pay & Use” at Gandhi Maidan

In Year 1996

Floating Jetty on Jugal Auddya Ferry Ghat

Introduction of Computer in the Office.

A convention has been started to honour the distinguished Students and Sportsperson of the town.

Extension of drinking water line from CMWSA to Ward no. 20,21 and, 22 in 1996 and 1998 respectively.

A Guest House has been started at Ganga Darshan.

In Year 1997

A Park has already been opened near Tarapukur Govt. Quarter.

Opening of apark at Siddheswaritala at Chatra.

Remodelling of Sankar Cinema after purchase from the owner and renaming it after Dr. Gopal Das Nag and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and dedicated it for the use of the public for cultural functions.

Already 1250 unemployed youths were trained up in different trades under SJSRY Scheme to make themselves supported. Some 100 works were trained up under EDP program under IPP-VIII to make themselves-employed and Computer training programme.

In Year 1998

To materialize the decision of the Board of Commisioners taken during 1969 and 1970 a Super Market under the name and style of “Sahid Gopinath Smriti Super Market” has been started to rehabilitate the Hawkers of the adjoining area.

In Year 1999

A Book entitled “Serampore Parichiti” with the writings of renowned personalities of the town has been published.

Establishment of ESOPD building at Mahesh with the facility of ECG and treatment at the cheapest Cost.

A two-storeyed building to cope with the numbers of development works entrusted with the municipality as well as for sitting accommodation of the Staff and Councillors.

In Year 2000

For facilitation of the need of the Travellers 2 Holiday Homes have been started at New Digha.

Some 42, SC/ST people were trained in Tailoring etc. and were supplied with sewing machines, knitting machines, rickshw/van etc. under the Scheme of SC/ST Development and Finance Corporation.

Construction of a swimming Pool near the Sub-divisional Sports Association is in progress.

To materialize the decision of the Board of Commissioners taken during 1984 and 1985 an electric Crematorium is being installed at Chatra Burning Ghat and is expected to be operated within this current year.

In Year 2001

Establishment of Health and Administrative Units at the Tarapukur Government Quarter and near Water Works.

The long-felt need for a Bus Terminus within the town is likely to be fulfilled very soon for which land has already been procured near the ESI Hospital.

A Website in the name and style of www.seramporemunicipality.com later this domain name has hacked by some hackers after that this web site known as www.seramporemunicipality.net already been introduced to make readily available all information regarding the Municipality, holding, position of tax, tender, services of municipal etc.